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The Problem Of Gender Pay Gap Essay - 1166 Words

Hospitals are among the worst offenders when it comes to pay inequality. Female doctors, on average, are paid significantly less than their male counterparts. Gender pay gap is defined as the average difference between men and women’s aggregate hourly earnings. In today’s United States hospitals women physicians average only around seventy-nine percent of what the average male doctor with an equal level of education makes. This topic is not a new discussion. This act of discrimination has been affecting women for many years; however, this topic was not studied until the 1950’s. Hospitals need to find common ground when it comes to the gender pay gap in order to resolve this long standing issue. The gender pay gap in physicians is a massive problem in hospitals in the United States. Today women physicians make, on average, only seventy-nine cents for every dollar a male physician makes. Ohio is actually below the national average, with the ratio at seventy-eight percent ( mentions that men are paid more on average than a woman with the exact same responsibilities and education. Women in today’s society typically have a higher human capital than the average male. Human capital is a term that describes the skills and qualifications a person has, such as a college degree or a training certificate. states, â€Å"as a rule, earnings increase as years of education increase for both men and women. However, while more education is a useful tool forShow MoreRelatedThe Inequalities Of The Gender Pay Gap1511 Words   |  7 Pagesof the gender pay gap. To do this, this essay will use Bacchi (2006) approach to analyse the text â€Å"Speech to HRINZ: The reasons for the Gender Pay Gap† by MP Paula Bennett. This essay will illustrate the theoretical perspective of liberal feminism to show the understanding of the problem, and the solutions of the gender pay gap. This essay will also look at two other theoretica l perspectives, social democratic, and anti-racism and discuss their viewpoints and solutions towards the problem. WhatRead MoreGender Wage Gap And Gender Inequality Essay1519 Words   |  7 PagesGender Wage Gap Lydia Ogles November 2016 Introduction/Abstract The gender wage gap has been a nationwide problem since women were able to enter the workforce. Women have begun to speak out more about the issue and evaluate what they can do to change the industries and how they personally present themselves to help this change. Currently there is a wide range of opinions on this issue, with some saying it does not exist while others think it will ruin the economy if not fixed immediately. This makesRead MoreReducing The Wage Gap Between Men And Women1213 Words   |  5 Pagesfor American Progress Organization there are seven vital steps that can be taken in order to decrease the gender wage gap. Firstly, this organization firmly believes that raising the minimum wage will positively affect the wage gap between men and women. Averages illustrate that differentiation s among men and women s job selections could be considered for virtually half of the gender pay gap. Increasing the minimum wage will benefit those dedicated women laborers by helping support their familiesRead MoreGender Discrimination in the Workplace765 Words   |  4 Pages Gender discrimination can cover a wide variety of social prejudice. Throughout much of world history, even American history women have been treated as second class citizens. In the United States women have had to fight for rights such as the right to vote, or own land. These are just a few examples of the many injustices that women have had to face. Men have held the position of leadership, and power throughout history when it comes to almost everything. Men would even decide to whom a womenRead MoreWomen s Unequal Treatment Of Women1139 Words   |  5 PagesDEFINITON OF UNEQUAL TREATMENT of women CITATION HERE)it is unequal treatment of individuals based on their gender. UN agencies and most governments agree on the principle of gender inequality. The question at large is what accounts for the difference between the rhetoric of equality and the reality of inequality? The single aspect of gender inequality of men and women is that women obtain insufficient pay from their male counterparts in the workforce. Throughout this paper the reader will recognize the roleRead MoreA Brief Note On Wage Gap And The Workplace Gap1582 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Wage gap is an important reality that women constantly have to face in their everyday work lives. â€Å"The wage gap is a statistical indicator often used as an index of the status of women’s earnings relative to men’s† (The Wage Gap, 2015). It has been a major issue for many decades and it is often experienced by women in many traditionally male dominated industries. The problem may seem to be diminishing, however there is still a significant gender wage gap that can allow us to see thatRead MoreEqual Pay Difference Between Men And Women879 Words   |  4 Pagesor not there is a income pay difference between men and women. The question is why men are getting paid more, when women are doing the same job. One job occupation that is currently dealing with the issue, are doctors. Male doctors are receiving more money than the female doctor. Although many individuals claim that the difference is because men work supplementary hours or sometimes tougher jobs than wo men they should make more than the opposite sex. This gender pay gap is unfair and could possiblyRead MoreThe Wage Gap Within The United States1687 Words   |  7 Pagesto equal wages; gender and ethnic inequality has been an on-going issue in the United States for a very long time. This inequality has been the reason for the Wage Gap which is a violation of everyone’s human rights. Some people believe that the wage gap is just a gender problem but it is not, it is unequal opportunities for racial and gender minorities; in fact some women that are of a certain race are paid significantly less than someone who is only of one minority. The wage gap relates to humanRead MoreEducation And Pay Equality Between Men And Women1105 Words   |  5 Pageseach problem humanity tries to solve, a new one appears. To add on, humanity now faces two new issues: the fight for educational and pay equality. Boys and girls are no longer receiving balanced treatment for education. Parents want t he children to have the best education out there and the pay to be equal, but the balance beam that represents equality is tipping side to side instead of staying in place. In America, educational and pay equality between men and women is a serious problem. The pay gapRead MoreSusan B. Anthony And The Equal Pay Act1014 Words   |  5 PagesImagine being told that you do not need as much pay as a man because your husband is a professor and you do not need the money. This was the truth for Maxine Lampe when she addressed the school district about being paid less. Before her husband was done with graduate school, she brought the issue up with the school where she worked and was told that she could not get the head-of-household pay that men received, even though she was the breadwinner. This is not the only account of this happening. All

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