Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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In order to achieve the highest possible level of productivity, it is extremely important to have a good atmosphere at workplace. But what ´s of much more importance, if people feel well at work the possibility of depression or even suicide can decline. So the HR department, which is responsible for the overall well-being of the employees, should always try to create a sense of belonging together and understanding. There are many points to consider, talking of suicide prevention. The company and especially the HR department need to take over responsibility and play an active role in the process. 1. Create a good working environment Generally the company should work really hard to offer an agreeable and convenient work environment for everybody. Therefore you try to do a lot of team building activities and watch to have serious integration policies. Nobody should feel misunderstood and miserable at his workplace. Anyway making your employees happy will help you as well to meet your goals and enhance overall productivity. 2. Reduce potential stress factors Another factor is stress, it ´s not a real mental problem but it is the cause of many and also leads to some long and short term damages. In order to reduce stress, factors like too much work and lack of team work should be avoided. Moreover, Layoffs cause a lot of stress also on the ones remaining, as they are insecure about their own jobs and future. Employees should think of themselves and their work as being worthy for the company, good work should get promoted. â€Æ' 3. Treating mental health issues not as a stigma The suicide problem needs to be treated open and honest, so it ´s the HR ´s part to assure everybody that mental illness is as real as any physical one. Employees shoul... ...issues and teambuilding. Moreover France has a really high individualism score and is very short- term oriented, while Colombia in general tends to have a very collective approach. If you take a closer look at the typical management styles, the French ones also seem to favour depression and even suicide. So there ´s a very goal oriented style compared to the Colombian way of caring also about the way, things are done. In addition you don ´t experience such a strict, pressuring working discipline. All in all it ´s obvious that companies in Colombia focus a lot on their employees while in France business always seems to be more important than the wellbeing of the people. In the part focusing on the HR department we gave some strategies preventing and treating suicide cases, following this approach, French companies could perhaps avoid some suicide cases in the future.

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